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Annual Budget Review and Analysis

One of the most critical aspects of any public government agency is to evolve and maintain a balanced budget. With unexpected expenditures arising due to a various amount of reasons, responsible budgeting is necessary to maintain services to the public body being represented. At JML Management Consulting we can assist in the complex budget process by assisting to identify revenue developments and potential reductions in expenditures. 

Executive Search Process

Hiring the right person for the job is important in any organization. JML Management Consulting can help with locating that person to be the right fit within your organization. The goal of offering assistance with recruitment is to be involved in professional recruitment, developing a portfolio of the most qualified candidates, and to fit the needs of your organization. This service also allows for communication for applicants to have source of contact that may not be available due to time constraints for the government organization that they are applying.     

Analysis of Organizational Services and Departments

There is not just one exact way to operate an efficient public government. Many geographic, demographic, and socioeconomic factors make each and every government unique in its own way. JML Management Consulting can assist with the analysis of existing services with an organizational assessment and make recommendations to provide an even more efficient government operation. Additionally, an analysis of your organization's departments through position audits are offered to refine and improve efficiency in the work place.  

Enterprise and Utility Rate Analysis

Government enterprises are businesses owned by local government entities that provide services that generate revenues for their community. Examples may include airports, parking lots, and ports. Additionally many government bodies offer services such as water, sewer, electricity, gas, or refuse services to their respective communities. In almost any instance, it is critical to ensure expenditures are not outweighing revenues in these government owned business ventures. JML Management Consulting can assist with analyzing and assessing these government provided services and provide a rate analysis to help ensure your organization is maintaining these services for the public for many years into the future. 

Ordinance Review/Revision/Drafting

Public ordinances are defined as legislation passed by a municipality or a local authority. JML Management Consulting can assist a public government with the development from the initial inception and development of an ordinance to full execution and completion of a proposed ordinance. Our services also can provide a review and recommendation of revisions of existing ordinances to help refine existing laws already enacted within the public government. 

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