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Goal Setting and Strategic Planning 

To increase the maximum potential of your organization and its appointed/elected officials it is very critical for cooperatively achieving the goals set forth by the public entity. JML Management Consulting can assist with trying to achieve these goals by offering its services to try and reach these objectives by assisting in the goal setting process. This process will involve a series of written questions and working closely with the elected/appointed board members along with any critical department heads throughout the organization.

Grant Research and Development

Grant funding is available from many different entities at the local, state, and federal levels of government. JML Management Consulting can assist with trying to facilitate grant solutions to help offset the costs of projects within the community. If awarded many of these grants may offset the costs of the public government, allowing for appropriation of funds elsewhere throughout the community.

Preparation of RFQ's and RFP's

Many state and federal laws obligate public entities to follow a request for qualification process. This process can be one of the most important items that a governing body must decide when hiring the right engineering, architectural, or planning firm to complete a project. JML Management Consulting can assist with the preparation of both request for qualifications (RFQ's) and requests for proposals (RFP's) by facilitating the initial review process and assisting with the selection and interview phase of the qualified proposals from each firm.

Urban Renewal Review and Planning 

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and Community Improvement Districts (CID) are designed to help improve the community by bettering conditions for existing businesses or areas, and attracting new growth potential for the communities they are located within. JML Management Consulting can assist your organization with your urban renewal plan with the many stakeholders throughout the community it potentially could impact.

Disaster Assistance Review and Development

Unfortunately natural disasters do occur within communities. These events can be a very emotional and time consuming for elected and appointed officials. JML Management Consulting can assist your organization with responding to these events by reviewing and assisting the proper documents that are necessary to be filed to gain assistance for the community. Additionally, JML Management Consulting can assist in the development/review of an emergency management plan for a community.  

Employee Insurance/Benefits Review and Development

Employee’s insurance and benefits are major expenses for any organization. Although not necessary for review continually, JML Management Consulting can assist with reviewing an organization’s insurance and benefits. This may result in your organization saving expenditures, and should also help to identify any areas lacking in coverage on existing policies.

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